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2.5 Million technology federal grant awarded to Abbeville County schools.

The Abbeville, Edgefield and McCormick schools have been awarded a $6.5 million federal Grant for the use of technology, and Abbeville County's share will be $2.5 million.

Tax hike now official;   referendum planned

Abbeville County taxpayers need to get ready for a tax hike of a projected 8 mills, after County Council passed the third reading on budget ordinance for FY99/2000, with a deficit of $399,000

SC DOT, Clemson Extension Service to help beautify roads

Smiling faces and beautiful places.  That slogan is designed to draw visitors to South Carolina, and Abbeville County is part of a project to help make the "Beautiful Places" portion of it more than just a phase, noted Randy Day, resident maintenance engineer for the South Carolina Department of Transportation.

Budget action deferred

The Abbeville Count Board of Trustees, looking at a projected tax increase roughly seven mills, deferred action Tuesday night on passage of the final reading of the district budget.

No CF tax hike projected

No tax increase is expected for Calhoun Falls taxpayers for the coming fiscal year, according to reports.

James Smith is new Due West Police Chief

Due West has a New Police Chief.  James Smith, 48, will be sworn in as Chief at Due West Town Hall at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, June 29, by Mayor Butch Sain.

Press and Banner has Early deadlines for July 7 issue

The Press and Banner/Banner Printing is going on vacation-all of us-for and entire week.



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Hickory Heights marks $212,000 anti-drug grant

Getting There? Progress made on county strategic development plan

Panther in Abbeville?  Big cat implicated in deaths of 4 Lowndesville calves

County Election Summit committee mission ending

What IS an educational standard, anyway?

Moving On, Nancy Prince to take new Anderson principal's post

Professional Towel Mills earns 3 state safety awards





















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